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Spray Gun Information - click to enlarge

Spray Gun Information


Page 2 SB-2-001-F


Fire Solvent and coatings can be highly Adequate exhaust must be provided to keep air flammable or combustible free of accumulations of flammable vapors.especially when sprayed.

Smoking must never be allowed in the spray area.  Fire extinguishing equipment must be present

in the spray area.

Solvent Spray During cleaning and flushing, Wear eye protection.  solvents can be forcefully expelled from fluid fluid and air passages.  Some solvents can cause eye injury.

Inhaling Toxic Certain materials may be harmful Follow the requirements of the Material Safety

Substances if inhaled, or if there is contact Data Sheet supplied by your coating material

with the skin. manufacturer.  Adequate exhaust must be provided to keep the air free of accumulations of toxic materials.  Use a mask or respirator whenever there is a chance of inhaling sprayed materials. The mask must be compatible with the material being sprayed and its concentration. Equipment must be as prescribed by an industrial hygienst or safety expert, and be NIOSH approved.

Explosion Hazard Halogenated hydrocarbon solvents Guns with stainless steel internal passageways

Incompatible - for example; methylene chloride may be used with these solvents. However,

Materials and 1, 1, 1 - Trichloroethane are aluminum is widely used in other spray not chemically compatible with application equipment - such as material pumps, the aluminum that might be used cups and regulators, valves, etc. Check all in many system components. The equipment items before use and make sure chemical reaction caused by these they can also be ued safely with these solvents. solvents reacting with aluminum Read the label or data sheet for the material

can become violent and lead to an you intend to spray. If in doubt as to whether equipment explosion. or not a coating or cleaning material is compatible, contact your material supplier.



Heavy top or bottom pattern Horn holes plugged. Clean. Ream with non-metallic

point.  Obstruction on top or bottom of Clean. fluid tip.  Cap and/or tip seat dirty. Clean.

Heavy right or left Left or right side horn holes plugged. Clean. Ream with non-metallic

side pattern point.  Dirt on left or right side of fluid tip. Clean.  Remedies for the top-heavy, bottom-heavy, right-heavy and left-heavy patterns: 

1) Determine if the obstruction is on the air cap or the fluid tip. Do this by making a test spray pattern. Then, rotate the cap one-half turn and spray another pattern. If the defect is inverted, obstruction is on the air cap. Clean the air cap as previously instructed.

2) If the defect is not inverted, it is on the fluid tip. Check for a fine burr on the edge of the fluid tip. Remove with #600 wet or dry sand paper.

3) Check for dried paint just inside the opening. Remove paint by washing with solvent.

Heavy center pattern Fluid pressure too high for atomization Balance air and fluid pressure.

air (pressure feed)). Increase spray pattern width with spreader adjustment valve.  Material flow exceeds air cap's capacity. Thin or lower fluid flow.  Atomizing pressure too low. Increase pressure.  Material too thick. Thin to proper consistency.

Split spray pattern Fluid adjusting knob turned in too far. Back out counterclockwise to

achieve proper pattern.  Atomization air pressure too high. Reduce at transformer.

Fluid pressure too low (pressure feed only). Increase fluid pressure.  Spreader adjusting valve set too high. Adjust.

Suction And Pressure Feed Jerky or fluttering spray

*Loose or damaged fluid tip/seat. Tighten or replace.  Material level too low. Refill.  Container tipped too far. Hold more upright.  Obstruction in fluid passage. Backflush with solvent.  Loose or broken fluid tube or fluid Tighten or replace.  inlet nipple.  Dry or loose fluid needle packing nut. Lubricate or tighten.  *Most common problem.

CONDITION CAUSE CORRECTION  Jerky or fluttering spray Suction Feed Only

(continued) Material too heavy. Thin or replace.  Container tipped too far. Hold more upright.

Air vent in cup lid clogged. Clear vent passage.  Loose, damaged or dirty lid. Tighten, replace or clean coupling nut.  Dry or loose fluid needle packing. Lubricate or tighten packing nut.

Fluid tube resting on cup bottom. Tighten or shorten.  Damaged gasket behind fluid tip. Replace gasket.

Unable to get round spray Fan adjustment screw not seating Clean or replace.  properly.

Air cap retaining ring loose. Tighten. 

Will not spray No air pressure at gun. Check air supply and air lines. Internal mix or pressure feed air cap Change to proper suction feed air and tip used with suction feed. cap and tip.

Fluid pressure too low with internal Increase fluid pressure at tank.  mix cap and pressure tank.

Fluid needle adjusting screw not open Open fluid needle adjusting screw. enough.  Fluid too heavy for suction feed. Thin material or change to pressure feed.

Starved spray pattern Inadequate material flow. Back fluid adjusting screw out to

first thread, or increase fluid pressure at tank.  Low atomization air pressure Increase air pressure and re-(suction feed). balance gun.

Excessive overspray Too much atomization air pressure Reduce pressure. Gun too far from work surface. Adjust to proper distance.  Improper stroking (arcing, gun motion Move at moderate pace, parallel too fast). to work surface.

Excessive fog Too much, or too fast-drying thinner. Remix properly.  Too much atomization air pressure. Reduce pressure. 

CONDITION CAUSE CORRECTION Dry Spray Air pressure too high. Decrease air pressure.

Material not properly reduced Reduce to proper consistency.  (suction feed).

Gun tip too far from work surface. Adjust to proper distance.  Gun motion too fast. Slow down.

Gun out of adjustment Adjust. 

Runs and sags Too much material flow. Adjust gun or reduce fluid pressure. Material too thin. Mix properly or apply light coats. Gun tilted on an angle. Hold gun at right angle to work and

adapt to proper gun technique.

Thin, sandy coarse finish Gun too far from surface. Check distance. Normally 6-8" - HVLP,

drying before it flows out 8-10" - conventional.  Too much air pressure. Reduce air pressure and check spray pattern.  Improper thinner being used. Follow paint manufacturer's

mixing instructions.

Thick, dimpled finish Gun too close to surface. Check distance. Normally 6-8" - HVLP,

"orange peel". Too much 8-10" - conventional.

material coarsely atomized Air pressure too low. Increase air pressure or reduce fluid pressure.  Improper thinner being used. Follow paint manufacturer's mixing instructions.  Material not properly mixed. Follow paint manufacturer's mixing instructions.  Surface rough, oily, dirty. Properly clean and prepare.


***Always refer to Product Manufacturer Guidelines!

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