OTC 3840F Automotive Lab Scope Kit Review

OTC 3840F Automotive Lab Scope Kit

OTC 3840F

OTC 3840F Automotive Lab Scope Kit Review


  • Suggests suitable test procedures
  • Reference information for preset tests
  • Built with stainless steel
  • Highly utilitarian


This automobile database contains relevant information about automobiles, vehicle essentials, and imports.

It renders all the information you might need to keep your vehicle up to its spirits and give top performance.

OTC 3840F Automotive Lab Scope Kit Review

The scope tends to suggest suitable processes for testing the vehicle’s automotive components and suggest the best course of action for the repair should it detect any issues.

The screen of the system is very informative as it gives a pictorial representation of your car’s entrails.

It has certain reference information regarding some preset tests of the device. Moreover, it also gives troubleshooting tips to the user.

The screen also exhibits the diagrams that show pin numbers and wire colors for PCM as well as the component connector.


OTC 3840F has been constructed with solid steel that is stainless and durable. So you can blindly invest on this product.