Best Corded Electric Impact Wrench Reviews

A corded electric impact wrench is one of the most crucial tools to ease your work that works as a blessing in disguise. Impact wrench holds an indelible place in the heart of those who are eager to save their time and effort. When you decide to bolt some nuts or lose them off, then doing it manually or using another tool will land you in some trouble. No doubt, the other methods will suffice your needs sooner or later, but you will surely lose your calm in the whole process.

There may be scenarios when the nuts, bolts, or lugs are tightened to a great depth. In these situations, an impact wrench comes to your rescue to save you from drowning in the ocean of the tedious task. There is an ample number of wrenches available in the market, but choosing the one perfect for accomplishing your goal is one of the most hardworking tasks. What if we’ll do this time-consuming task for you? Shocked!! But, it’s true!! In this article, we’ll have a sneak-peek at some of the best corded impact wrenches, and you can choose the one that qualifies your checklist.

Best Corded Electric Impact Wrench Reviews in 2021

1. Craftsman Impact Wrench 

Craftsman Impact Wrench


  • High durability and longevity
  • Accompanied by socket set adapter
  • Comes with eight impact toolset
  • Has tremendous torque value
  • Specially designed for removing nuts penetrated to high depth
  • Designed with hex head style

If you are looking for an impact wrench with tremendous strength, then this wrench by CRAFTSMEN can beat anyone in the race. This wrench comes with an eight-piece toolset that is no less than an asset for your possession.

It is very hard to find a product that is so durable as well as offer such a significant number of toolset. So this is the optimal choice for you if you are searching for a reliable and durable tool.

You need not waste your efforts in doing the task that the wrench can easily do. So, why not channelize your time somewhere else instead of hitting your head in it.

Craftsman impact wrench has a hog ring anvil that is suitable for changing the sockets with great ease. It also works well with the nuts that are deeply penetrated. The best part of this electric wrench is that it has large markings to identify the accessories.

Are you worried that the body of the impact wrench will wear out after some time due to its metallic nature? Need not panic!! Craftsman has already laid a plan for it. This corded wrench has been designed with black oxide so that it remains protected from corrosion.

  • Budget-friendly price
  • Easy to manage
  • Well-built
  • Withstand corrosion
  • Bit heavy to carry

2. Dewalt DW292

Dewalt DW292


  • Manufactured with a blend of metal, nylon, and rubber
  • Head style designed in C shape
  • Comes with detent pin anvil
  • Accompanied by AC/DC forward reverse rocker switch
  • Additional ball bearing construction
  • Reliable cord

Are you worried that if you own an impact wrench and won’t be able to use it to its maximum potential, then what will happen? Need not worry!! DEWALT has designed this terrific durable impact wrench for you that will suffice your needs and help you achieve strides while doing the task.

The wrench has been designed with ball bearings so that you can expect the maximum durability out of it. The perk behind possessing this wrench is that it comes with a reverse/forward rocking switch that adds a significant advantage and ease while using it.

You may be astonished to know that it comes with a detent-pin anvil that is hard to find with most of the products available in the market. If you are looking for some wrench that is a combination of comfortable and adds value to your money, you can’t resist buying it.

What if you lost the grip of the handle and your work just piles up instead of accomplishing it? No need to panic!! DEWALT has designed the wrench in such a way that you can hold it firmly that it won’t put any sort of pressure on your hands.

You won’t feel tired even in the breathtaking scenario where you have to do the repetitive task of assembling or disassembling various components.

  • Flexible
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Lightweight for easy grip
  • Suitable for tough tasks
  • Doesn’t work on the harmonic balancer




  • Designed in hex head style
  • Torque of 450-inch pound
  • Suitable for heavy-duty applications
  • Comes with a forward/reverse rocker switch
  • Hog anvil for smooth socket replacements

PORTER-CABLE PCE211 is one of the best corded impact wrenches that will make your task easier and come in stunning range. This wrench is perfectly suitable for installing and removing heavy fasteners, and that too without consuming much of your time.

You will be amazed to witness that your work will be accomplished when you earlier used to complain about the traditional techniques. The wrench comes with an impactful motor that can assist you with heavy-duty applications also.

This impact wrench has a fantastic hog ring anvil that will make your task of changing the sockets very serene. You need not seek any professional help for accomplishing your goals if you have a PORTER-CABLE impact wrench at your disposal.

You don’t need any external machinery to set it up, and you can use it as per the manual’s instructions.

This wrench will serve you as a protection shield from all the troubles that you can encounter while assembling components of your various applications.

It is one of the most amazing wrenches that can serve your purpose at a genuine price. You won’t be able to find any impact wrench at such a genuine price.

  • Worth the money
  • Lightweight to handle
  • Offers great speed
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t offer high longevity




  • High bolt breakaway torque
  • Constructed with all-metal gear to enhance durability and longevity
  • Long length of the power cord to support a vast number of applications
  • Comes with a rubber grip to enhance the comfort of the user
  • High impact housing is possible due to rugged rubber hose

ENERTWIST ET-IW-1020 gives you the flexibility to work with the electric corded impact wrench. If you need an impact wrench that is a blend of flexibility and versatility, your search ends here.

This corded impact wrench comes with a hog ring anvil that is suitable to penetrate or loosen the nuts from various equipment. The usage of this wrench is not limited to only one form of tool or the other, but it has a vast number of applications that can put you awestruck.

It is a corded impact wrench that can withstand a large amount of torque to provide you flexibility and convenience. If you urge to buy a wrench to achieve your goals without hampering your existing budget, then this wrench will fit in.

It is manufactured with aluminum and plastic to give authenticity, durability, and an appealing appearance. Are you stuck with some nuts that are highly penetrated, and your lots of efforts have gone in vain just for mending them? Then this wrench is the one-stop solution for your needs.

Moreover, you won’t feel any discomfort even if you carry it for a large duration because it has been designed in such a way that its grip remains intact.

  • Doesn’t hamper your budget

  • Enhances the durability and strength of the vehicle
  • Easy to handle
  • Comes with proper installation user guide
  • Don’t have any provision for rear-end leveling

5. Wagan EL2257

Wagan EL2257


  • Flexibility to lift in forward and reverse direction
  • Can be operated with low power support
  • Apt to serve for roadside emergencies
  • Has bubble level indicator
  • Has a power cord of 11.4 feet

If you were waiting for an impact wrench that not only function tremendously but also lures you with its appealing look, then here it comes with Wagan EL2257. You will be amazed to see its attractive appearance. You can use it very well in varied scenarios ranging from household to roadside emergencies.

The impact wrench will assist you in accomplishing the task in the minimum possible time. You won’t waste a speck of your time in unnecessary processing of the tool. Although the wrench is compact, this won’t let you compromise with its magnanimous strength.

You don’t need any external supervision or need not be a pro to use this tool. You can use it efficiently by plugging it into your vehicle’s cigarette socket.

Moreover, you get the flexibility to switch the wrench in three varied positions, which are supported by a very less number of products. The impact wrench has been designed by keeping your convenience in mind. It comes with a bubble level indicator that assures that the wrench doesn’t round off the nuts.

The best part of possessing this corded impact wrench is that you don’t need to seek or buy any external accessories to serve your purpose. All the accessories that are required for its functionality are served in a single package.

  • Powerful and compact
  • Provided with carrying case
  • Made with durable material
  • Has LED to serve as an indicator
  • Not suitable for the long run

6. Hammerhead HDIW075

Hammerhead HDIW075


  • Has a tremendous torque capacity
  • Possess square drive with friction ring
  • Comes with a metal gearbox to assure durability
  • Accompanied by a rocker switch
  • High capacity motor is supported

There are numerous brands to serve your needs for an impact wrench. But, when it comes to Hammerhead, it has proved its mettle in n number of ways. The corded electric impact wrench by Hammerhead is one of its kind to showcase its utility and efficiency. The lug nuts and bolts that could not bear the corrosion can be loosened by this wrench easily.

If you thought of loosening or tightening the lug nuts that are corroded, then it will surely land you in the dilemma that how to proceed further. But, this impact wrench has truly proven its commendable performance.

It is supported by a friction ring that is convenient for changing the sockets with ease and flexibility. The major boon that comes your way with this impact wrench is that it comes with a metal gearbox that helps elevate the wrench’s durability and performance.

Does the thought of fastening the nuts giving you nightmares? Are you thinking of seeking some professional help to accomplish your task? Need not panic!! If you have a Hammerhead HDIW075 corded impact wrench in your possession, then all these thoughts will just vanish away in no time.

  • Versatile
  • Perfect for heavy-duty applications
  • Doesn’t need an air compressor
  • Helps in enhancing ground clearance
  • Bit heavy
  • Makes a bit of noise

7. WEN 48107

WEN 48107


  • Designed with hex head style
  • Accompanied by an electric pump
  • Flexibility with rocker switch
  • Motor with a high impact rate
  • Comes with hog nose anvil

With the evolving trends and innovation in equipment, the WEN 48107 corded impact wrench has bagged an excellent place in the market. The place owned by impact wrench is not only subtitled to its features, but its economic value plays a significant part.

You can enjoy the functionalities of an impact wrench without bothering much about your other expenditures. You should indeed own an impact wrench for your household or other purposes because the task of assembling and disassembling the nuts and lugs becomes feasible for you.

The impact wrench comes with the hex head style that adds laurels to its usage. You can use the rocker switch to change the direction as per your needs and convenience.

Moreover, you can change the sockets easily with its hog nose anvil. You need not maintain it now and then because it has been designed with durable material.

It is a bit heavy to handle conveniently, but this can’t overpower other important features that the impact wrench serves. The cord length of the impact wrench is sufficient enough so that you can work with it without any sort of trouble.

  • Worth the money
  • Extended longevity
  • Has a subtle amount of thickness
  • Compatible with a large variety of applications
  • Doesn’t support the removal of lug nuts to a large extent




  • Facilitates high impact speed rate for efficiency
  • Supported by hog ring anvil
  • Manufactured with aluminum to procure more durability
  • Airhole vents to evade the effect of overheating

If you are looking for a compact electric wrench that supports heavy-duty applications, then going for EVERDRAGON IW-03 corded electric impact wrench can’t be beaten by any other product.

The impact wrench comes with hot air vent holes that will not only protect your wrench from overheating but will also add an extra dimension to its durability.

The durability of the wrench has been kept in mind at the utmost priority level, so it has been made with an aluminum casing.

The rocker switch helps to facilitate the clockwise and anti-clockwise direction movement to enhance its flexibility for usage.

You may be amazed to know that you also get the facility to grab four varied sockets that give an extra touch to your impact wrench.

  • Work with efficiency
  • Comes in a medium size
  • Comes with four sockets of different sizes
  • Not suitable for lug bolts
  • Can’t withstand high pressure

9. VonHaus 15/194US

VonHaus 15/194US


  • Head is hex styled
  • Planetary gear system helps in torque delivery
  • Socket retention is assured by hog ring anvil
  • Comes with a dual bearing system to cut the effect of vibrations

VonHaus is one of the most amazing brands that strives to serve its customers with an electric corded impact wrench of high quality. You need not be a pro to use the impact wrench because it has been designed for a naive user to handle it with tremendous ease.

Moreover, you need not buy some external equipment to make it fully functional because it comes in a self-sufficient package. This impact wrench is a true blend of versatility and high duty efficiency.

If you buy this impact wrench, then you won’t repent on your decision because it worth every single penny spent by you. Its head style has been designed in a hex way that authenticates it to use high power of torque.

Moreover, you won’t feel any vibrations while working with this wrench because a dual-bearing system is used to add a perk to its usability.

  • Compact in size
  • Don’t use an air compressor
  • Goes easy with highly penetrated sockets
  • Commendable longevity
  • Not very durable
  • Quite bulky

10. Dobetter Electric Impact Wrench

Dobetter Electric Impact Wrench


  • Can withstand high bolt breakaway torque
  • Comes with hog ring anvil
  • Accompanied by an aluminum gearbox
  • Works with varied penetrated nuts

Dobetter corded electric impact wrench is designed to make the lives of customers easier. You don’t need to bother yourself much for the minute task of fixing and loosening the lug nuts. All your efforts don’t demand much if you use this electric impact wrench instead of other manual tools.

It is manufactured with metal and rubber to give it tremendous strength and power. You can fasten highly penetrated nuts easily with the help of an impact wrench.

It is designed in such a way that it is portable and easy to carry. The impact wrench is designed in an ergonomic style to make it more comfortable and handy to use.

Dobetter Electric Impact Wrench is a very efficient and powerful product to overcome the hurdles faced while mending the applications. This tremendous wrench is designed to withstand bolt breakaway torque.

It comes with a long cord that helps to make the working convenient and efficient. Your impact wrench won’t wear out easily as it is made with an aluminum gearbox to enhance its strength.

  • Compact and portable
  • Value for money
  • Don’t need air compressors
  • Needs torque control
  • Heavyweight


Now, we come at the end of our write-up by having a sneak peek through various products accounting for their commendable features. Every wrench tool has some specification over the other.

If we keep an account of which impact wrench you should buy, it wholly depends on your necessities. The key factor that you should consider while possessing an electric impact wrench is that it must be worth every single penny you invest in it, and it should fulfill your requirements.

No doubt, the competition between various products won’t let you easily demarcate one from another. But, there is a very thin line between your true necessities and functionalities.

You should always prefer the one that manages to suffice all your requirements under one roof. Don’t indulge in large comparisons and go for the one that you truly need. Just grab the one that is apt for you and save your precious time by using it efficiently.

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