Best 240V Electric Garage Heater Reviews

Whatever your target is, whether to heat your garage or workshop. The 240V electric heater is the best and most affordable alternatives presently available. The purchasing of a heater depends on different variables, such as the type of room you need to retain the heater, the heater’s kind, and the size of the heater, the heater functions, and characteristics.

Before buying a heater, you need to weigh all these variables and specifications of yours. In this article, we will tell you about the best electric garage heater 240v that are economical; however, they are outstanding when it comes to using them.

Best Electric Garage Heater 240v Reviews in 2021

1. Dr. Heater DR966

Dr. Heater DR966


  • 5 Adjustable Louvers
  • Totally enclosed and lubricated motors
  • Maintains comfortable temperature
  • Easy to be mounted
  • Heats Up Rapidly
  • Auto cut off (Thermostat maintenance automatic)

DR. Heater is a brand that is popular amongst consumers for the economic services it provides. This is a heater that is not only economical but also efficient. This heater can be easily used to heat up any room, shops, garages, warehouses, or any other large space.

The manufacturers of the heater have held in mind, along with its beautiful features, the heater would be an economical device. As it comes with an attached bracket, the heater can easily be placed on the wall or ceiling.

Running on 240 volts makes it safer to use, so any form of unnecessary heating is avoided. The fans provide minimal turbulence, and this system is very quiet if we talk about its noise aspect.

The company supplies the 5 Adjustable Louvers to enable easy maintenance of direct airflow. The auto cut off or switch functionality helps to stop big accidents that may occur at any time if the heater is left open.

  • Can be easily mounted on a ceiling or a wall
  • Minimal turbulence and noise
  • Maintenance is very low and pocket comfortable
  • Provides you with 100% electrical efficiency
  • You can maintain high or low temperature in accordance with your needs
  • Power cord is not included in the package

2. KING PAW2422-W



  • Reliable and sturdy body made up of heavy steel
  • Fans are whisper free, no noise can be heard
  • Wall can along with QuickSet stud alignment tabs
  • Numerous wattage alternatives to conform to the unique heating requirements of a room

KING PAW2422-W is a heater that you would definitely love to have at home, No matter where you want to use it. It will adapt itself in accordance with the room you will keep it in.

The characteristics and requirements it brings make it so unique to everyone. The nature of this heater enables the user, just by disabling color-coded interfaces, to adjust the power consumption performance( you can easily adjust wattage consumption).

The squirrel cage of this heater makes it more accurate and allowing the heater to work silently. It also protects you from any mishap that may happen caused by overheating.

It is really easy to install this heater. You only need a couple of screws for its installation. The heater is built to operate for years as it is made of heavy-duty steel. It comes with vent-style grills that add to your home’s elegance and decor.

  • Can be easily mounted on a ceiling or a wall
  • You can maintain high or low temperature
  • Fans provide pin drop silence and maintain air flow
  • Energy saving and efficient device
  • Comes up with Patented Smart Limit Protection
  • You will need to buy a thermostat to control this

3. NewAir G56 

NewAir G56


  • Easily heats up 600sq. ft area
  • Safety grille ensures heat protection
  • Temperature adjustment enables the temperature to be maintained according to the consumer’s needs
  • Efficiency and comfort are provided by the compact nature of this heater
  • Auto cut-off system prevents the heater from overheating
  • Can be easily placed on the floor of the room that needs to be heated

We often need a heater that’s pretty fast and safe, but we don’t know which heater we’re supposed to go for. NewAir G56 is just one of those products available in the market that are designed to match your requirements.

Rapid heating is the major function of this heater. If it’s freezing outside and cold, you want your space or garage to be superheated really fast. This heater works miraculously.

This heater is intended to heat 560 sq. ft within minutes easily. With a capacity of 5600 watts, this is the best 240v electric garage heater that could be used in garages and any other large room.

The design of this heater also includes a handling cord that makes it much easier to hold and transport. This heater is supposed to be stored on the ground. A room temperature can be easily retained as it comes with a temperature management system.

  • Thermal cut-off system
  • Safety grill to protect hands and fingers
  • Portable design
  • Automatically maintains temperature that is setted once
  • Cannot be mounted on wall

4. Fahrenheat FUH54

Fahrenheat FUH54


  • Can be used both outdoors and indoors
  • Auto cut-off system prevents the heater from overheating
  • Manages circulation of cold and hot air accordingly
  • Remote control offers easy use from a distance
  • Heater can be used in accordance with personal requirements.

There have been occasions where people want to experience the energy of the outer world, especially in the winters, but many of us couldn’t do that because it’s chilling cold outside at times. Fahrenheat FUH54 Heater is the only product that allows you to enjoy the open space.

The heater thermostat is very robust when it refers to an open area. Fahrenheat is a member of the Marley Engineered Products family, which offers a variety of advanced, maximum capacitance comfortable heating systems and airflow technologies developed for business, industrial and domestic use.

The thermostat of this heater often provides the dual purpose of use, i.e., this heater could be used both outdoors and indoors. It quickly warms up an open space.

The heater is fitted with Automatic Cut Off technology, so if your heater reaches its maximum heat strength, it turns off automatically on its own.

Though its fans continue to spin to cool down the heater temperature, as the remote control option is also available, you can easily operate it from a distance.

  • Can easily mount it on the wall or ceiling
  • Remote Control is given
  • Can be installed in a room, open spaces or in a car too
  • Auto cuff off prevents mishaps
  • Has no temperature labels on it

5. King Electric GH2405TB 

King Electric GH2405TB


  • Can be used as a primary or supplementary heating device
  • Comes with red light that indicates Power on
  • Turns off automatically, if overheated
  • Built in thermostat
  • Offers great heat regulation and helps in maintaining your desired temperature

King Electric GH2405TB 240v electric heater can be used to maintain the warm and subtle temperature of your space as a primary or supplemental heat source. This heater can be conveniently installed in barns, shops, garages, large spacious areas, storage sheds, etc.

It comes with CFM that endures heat control and provides a warm temperature wherever the heater is installed.

However, the fan blades are ergonomically constructed to assist in the proper and equal transfer of heat in the room or garage wherever the heater is placed.

A red light signaling power-on is the best aspect of this 240v electric garage heater. This heater is also rewarded with a cautionary red light that will warm you if it happens anyhow about the intense heating.

If it reaches the temperature limit, the heater is programmed to stop automatically. As it comes with brackets for installation purposes, this 240v electric heater can easily be installed on both walls and ceilings.

  • Auto Cut Off feature
  • Easy to mount on walls and ceilings
  • Finned steel body of the heater provides trouble free service for years
  • Comes with a red light that is seen very less in other devices of the same genre
  • Hanging bracket is made of thin metal and is flimsy

6. Cadet CSC152TW

Cadet CSC152TW


  • Built in adjustable thermostat
  • UL Listed heater
  • Distributes heat quickly and warms the room easily
  • Minimalistic design and high gloss enamel paints blend up with your room easily

Cadet CSC152TW is a small heater that not only looks super cute but also has characteristics that are very impressive and mesmerizing. This heater comes from the Cadet brand that is famous for its value and features it produces in its devices among the masses.

When it comes to installing it in your guest room or lounge, this heater would be a better choice. You may also mount this heater in the garage, bathrooms, and other small areas as well.

A thermostat option comes up with the heater. You can either have it or not; it all depends on you.

Since you need just three screws to mount and grill the heater into your wall, the heater is very easy to install.

You can conveniently put this heater either on your roof or on your walls. This heater’s architecture is kept minimalistic, which provides a clean and tidy placement.

  • Easily mountable
  • Convenient to heat up a small space
  • Can be installed with the help of three screws
  • Minimalistic design and assurance of Cadet
  • Does not come with a knockout clamp
  • Thermostat automatically activates if room temperature drops off to mid forties




  • Can be easily mounted on walls and ceiling
  • Automatic overheat protection
  • Fan delay uses residual heat even after it is switched off
  • Fast and effective heating due to propeller styled fans
  • Swivelling and pivoting to direct heat where it is required the most

If you were searching for a heavy body heater that helps you in the chilling days of winter to be persistent and relaxed. Surely, the DIMPLEX DGWH4031G heater is one of the best 240v electric garage heater out there.

This heater can be used to heat both large and small spaces effectively. The structure of the heater contains a solid, robust motor that provides long-lasting heater service and use.

The heater body is made of rugged stainless steel that can easily withstand harsh weather conditions.

The heater fans are shaped like a propeller that ensures fair heat distribution and good airflow.

Therefore, even though it is chilling outside, this helps in the swift and efficient control of room temperature.

As it comes with a 6-foot long cable, this heater can also be connected from a distant spot.

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Easily mounted on walls, ceilings
  • Comes with brackets for easy installation
  • Fast and effective heating
  • Includes six foot long cord
  • If it is super cold outside, it turns red
  • At times while running it makes loud noise

8. Dr. Infrared Heater DR-988A

Dr. Infrared Heater DR-988A


  • Ideal heater for big space
  • Built in thermostat can be adjusted easily
  • Over heat protection is provided
  • Can maintain a particular temperature as your needs
  • Comes with a built in handle, easy to carry and portable

Dr. Infrared Heater DR-988A is one of the best heaters that can heat a wide room. If you need a heater for such a need, this heater would be the best choice.

The heater consists of a thermostat built in that provides variable temperature both from low to high.

The heater’s fan is ergonomically built and provides continuous warmth even if used for hours. The heater is constructed with a built-in cord that provides overheat protection.

The front panel comes with a grill that also guarantees protection from elevated temperatures from finger intake.

It also provides a temperature function, which is automatically maintained if you set a specific temperature.

  • Temperature can be maintained
  • Overheat protection
  • Finger-proof intake protection
  • Discharge grills
  • Heating coil gets extremely hot
  • Makes loud noise
  • Fans stop to work if used overwhelmingly

9. NewAir G73

NewAir G73


  • Heats up area of 500 Sq Ft. easily
  • Comes with a swivel bracket
  • Ensures overheat protection
  • Can be mounted on the ceiling or wall
  • Hard wired heater that initiates fire protection

NewAir G73 240V heater can comfortably heat up to 500 square feet. The heater is ETL, and UL approved and provides electrical safety and protection against overheating.

Adjustable louvers provide an effective and excellent delivery of heat in the garage. In wide rooms and garages, this heater is suitable to be used.

It comes with mounting brackets that make the installation process very quick. Wherever you like, you can easily mount it on the wall or on the ceiling.

The heater consists of a single-pole thermostat that helps you to keep the temperature and heat flow in your room consistent and precise.

If the heater starts to overheat, it will shut down automatically. Being approved by UL, the heater ensures that the design of this heater is subject to strict safety measures.

The heater is hard-wired, so there is no question about fires or fumes. It also contains a swivel bracket, and however, you feel you can easily install it on the wall or ceiling.

  • Maintains heat flow in the room
  • Turns off automatically if overheated
  • Easily mounted on walls and ceilings
  • Heats large area quickly
  • If it’s chilling cold, it takes longer to heat
  • Does Not come with a remote control

10. Comfort Zone CZ220

Comfort Zone CZ220


  • Strong and durable motor is given
  • Heat is distributed equally through fan forced design
  • Built in sensor automatically switches off the device if it gets overheated
  • Adjustable louvers are provided too
  • Dual Knob thermostat, helps to easily regulate the temperature

Comfort Zone CZ220 heater is mainly built for people who are savvy in space, so if you’re the one, you can certainly go for it.

It is possible to position this heater both on the ceiling and on the wall. It’s a heater with strong wire.

It can withstand temperature changes and is also made of heavy gauge steel that allows the heater to operate for a long time.

The heater comes with a variable mounting angle hat that guarantees a continuous flow of hot air to the rendered cold areas, and the fan’s forced design helps maintain a subtle temperature throughout the room.

  • Comes with a power on indicator
  • Sensor detects overheat
  • No noise is made by the fans
  • UL certified
  • Nuts are needed to be installed counter clockwise
  • Thermostat switches at times encounter severe problems


While it’s time to finish the post, our advice is to review those points before purchasing the 240v electric garage heater.

  • Plan a budget and then purchase a heater accordingly.
  • Does the heater includes overheat protection or not?
  • The sort of movement of air that it offers.

These were some of the small points that are most critical when purchasing a heater.

If you are eager to know which among these heaters is the best, then it is highly recommended that you go for the first one that is Dr. Heater DR966 240V electric garage.

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