Best Grease Gun Coupler Reviews

Grease gun coupler is one of the most pivotal tools in your workshop, but you remain negligent from its immense benefits. You have to create a lot of mess when you want to apply grease to your equipment. Are you struggling in this same way too? Are you upset about the wear and tear of your tools? Then owning the best grease gun coupler is the optimal choice for you. All your tasks will become easy-peasy by possessing this gun.

But, isn’t it disturbing you that how to choose the apt grease gun coupler according to your needs? Need not bother. In this article, we will have a sneak-peak through various models of grease gun couplers available in the market that will surely suffice your needs.

Best Grease Gun Coupler Reviews in 2021

1. LockNLube GC81011

LockNLube GC81011


  • Compatible with all the grease guns
  • Comes in a unique design to lure users
  • Has steel jaws to resist the pressure imposed
  • Comes with a superior lock so that the grease doesn’t leak
  • Helps to put the grease in the machinery and not on the machine

Greasing your machine and enhancing its performance is a crucial task. But, sometimes, you don’t get the time, and sometimes you don’t pay heed to it. Once you start taking care of your machinery, you start enjoying every bit in your workshop.

You notice that it becomes quite annoying and messy when you try to put grease through the joints. LockNLube GC81011 provides you with a grease gun coupler that will assist in Zerk fitting in no time.

The grease is used at the best of its worth, and it doesn’t stick over the machinery. The best part of this coupler is that you can easily rebuild it if some glitch occurs in it.

This terrific product is easy to use and handle without applying any external pressure. All your frustrations and worries will just shoo away by using this amazing product.

LockNLube provides you with an efficient way to achieve your task of completing the greasing task. It comes with an authentic and unique design that will help this product to stand out from others.

You need not stick yourself every time with the gun for greasing purposes. Both hands remain free so that you can easily operate the gun and get exceptionally flawless services.

This product has been designed by keeping in mind that it is an entity that will assist you regularly. So, to keep it economical is one of the main agenda of this product.

All the components of the product have been designed with security and precision so that they remain intact.

  • Comes in a pocket-friendly budget
  • Easy to handle and maintain
  • Doesn’t corrode
  • Easily replaceable components in case of wear and tear
  • Puts an end to the waste of grease for machinery
  • Bit technical to handle for a naive user

2. Lumax LX-1403

Lumax LX-1403


  • Comes with compact dimensions
  • Can be used with most of the grease guns
  • Can be useful for small and tight spaces
  • Comes with leak proof hard jaws
  • Comes with an ergonomic thumb lever to save your efforts
  • Machinery is saved from outside and only joints are greased

Adding a new dimension to greasing the machine and using it at par with the expectations is somewhat difficult. Lumax LX-1403 grease coupler is ready at your service to provide you with a smooth experience of applying grease with the grease gun.

Isn’t it astonishing how the purpose will be served? Let’s get through it and resolve all your doubts so that your mind has crystal clear views regarding this fantastic product from Lumax.

The grease gun coupler comes with an ergonomic thumb lever that will assist you in the task of coupling and uncoupling. You can achieve this in no time and without reckoning over things.

Does your grease gun can’t tolerate high pressures and disrupt your task? The solution is here!! With the help of a Lumax LX-1403 grease gun coupler, your gun can withstand huge pressure, and no harm will be caused to your gun.

This small product has become an apple pie to everyone’s eye. It is a blend of economic and easy-to-use features. You need not be a pro at using this, and it is extremely helpful to get rid of the mess created by grease.

There is no need to rely on any external source for accomplishing your task when you can do all this on your own.

You can easily handle it with the lightweight feature that adds an extra bit of advantage to it. The cumbersome task of taking care of your machinery can be done just in the blink of an eye.

Moreover, you will even get a warranty card with the product that will add a boon to your possession.

  • Channelize your time
  • Prevents seal from any sort of damage
  • Lightweight to carry
  • Manufactured with heavy-duty silver material
  • No need for an external rebuilding kit
  • Wear out easily

3. VARSK VA-409 



  • Prevents any sort of leakage
  • Comes with adjustable jaw claws
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Can withstand immense pressure
  • Compatible with almost every type of grease gun
  • Coated with the chrome plating to avoid abrasion or corrosion

VARSK provides you with a grease gun coupler that will add an advantage to your tedious task of greasing the machinery. You can grease various tools without being messing and splashing the grease here and there.

This tremendous product has been designed to provide you with comfort so that you can handle it with a single hand. It can undergo a large amount of pressure and don’t wear out easily.

It is compatible with almost every type of grease gun and has metric Zerk fittings. The most amazing part is that it is manufactured with chrome plating that helps to withstand any sort of corrosion occurrence.

You may be thrilled to know that it comes it adjustable jaws that give it more stiffness and firmness to hold on to.

Thoughts must be crossing through your mind that if it provides so many facilities, then it must be costly? But, the answer is a big NO!! You can avail yourself of all the features and benefits of this product just at a pocket-friendly price. Isn’t it flawless?

Moreover, you need not panic about its loosening if you are using it because it is made with ultra-fine material to enhance its durability and longevity.

You just need to apply a bit of pressure, and there is no scope of loosening it. You don’t need any external tool or assistance to use it as it is a full-fledged product.

  • Easy to manage and suffice the needs
  • Has potential for metric Zerk fittings
  • Useful for a large number of products
  • Manufactured with medium carbon steel
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Bit heavy to handle

4. Utool Grease Gun Coupler

Utool Grease Gun Coupler


  • Comes with commendable locking feature
  • Withstand a large amount of pressure
  • Ultra-new design for assistance
  • Compatible with all the grease guns
  • Comes in 2 color variations to opt for
  • Comes with adjustable jaws
  • Designed to nullify the leakage of grease

Are you just fed up with your grease gun? Do you want to enhance its functionality? Need not worry!! UTOOL provides you with the latest grease gun coupler that will add more spark to your existing grease gun.

You need not be dependent on holding it more firmly so that the grease doesn’t spill out because it has been made by keeping your comfort in mind.

If you are fond of variations in colors, then this is just the correct choice for you. It is available in two varied colors to give you a brand new feel. It is designed to be compatible with most of the gun models and doesn’t put you in any hassle.

You need not worry about locking and releasing it because it is not tedious for the UTOOL product. You can easily achieve the motive without landing yourself in any sort of trouble.

This is one of the most amazing and terrific products from UTOOL that adds an extra edge to the efficiency and durability of your grease gun.

You won’t encounter any grease leakage, and your task will be accomplished without encountering any mess with this grease gun coupler.

You may be astonished to know that it works well with the manual as well as powered grease gun. This terrific product can resist a large amount of pressure and don’t wear out easily.

Moreover, you can easily adjust the tips that are an extra advantage for this product. Your hands won’t get messy during this whole process, and you are going to enjoy the experience.

  • Economical to possess
  • Serene to use
  • Easy to carry
  • Has a warranty period to address any glitches
  • Helps in enhancing the longevity of the machine
  • Bit heavy than others

5. Macnaught KY PLUS-02 

Macnaught KY PLUS-02


  • Comes with an improvised design
  • Has a metallic appearance to win over anyone’s heart
  • Comes with a floating jaw design
  • Helps to accommodate the risk of becoming a victim of high internal pressure
  • Comes with the smallest barrel diameter
  • Easy to start with one on one work
  • Made with fine material

A grease gun coupler is a sort of asset that you can own. This asset not only helps you to achieve comfort but it also saves your time. What if you are hampered in one way or the other while using it? Does this, though, hinder you from trying the new bounties of the grease gun coupler? Then, Macnaught KY PLUS-02 is the right option for you to rely upon. You can get a safe as well as an easy-to-use product ready for your assistance.

The magnanimous grease gun coupler by Macnaught will help to achieve a threshold balance so that your machinery doesn’t hamper with a large amount of pressure incurred on it.

It comes with the enhancement of providing a new and flaunting design that adds perk to its features. You need not use a large amount of force to hold it firmly as it comes with a superb locking and releasing feature.

There is no chance that you will witness any sort of leakage because it has been designed with floating jaws to have more safety and authenticity for the product.

It has an ultra-good quality of appearance that is a plus point to lure the users. It has the key feature of possessing the smallest barrel diameter that helps to exaggerate its functionality.

This amazing product is quite expensive than other prevalent products in the market, but you can’t overlook its superb features.

  • Avoids any sort of leaking
  • Lightweight to work with
  • Hinders from creating any sort of mess
  • Comes with an extended warranty range experience
  • Has an exceptionally flawless locking and releasing capability
  • Bit expensive

6. DEWALT Grease Gun Coupler

DEWALT Grease Gun Coupler


  • Suitable to work for various types of machinery
  • Designed with precision to reach zero fittings
  • Has the ability to withstand tremendous pressure
  • Comes with spindles

DEWALT grease gun coupler is a must for your assistance in the workshop. This fabulous product gives you the right angle to work on.

It can reach zero fitting points so that the precision from the product remains up to the mark This will guarantee that you need not face any sort of mess while handling it, and the experience will be quite joyous.

This product helps to withstand the internal architecture of the product under a large amount of pressure.

This amazing grease gun coupler by DEWALT is specially designed for cordless grease guns to maximize their functionality.

Are you afraid of spending your precious time on a challenging task? Need not bother. With the help of this product, your time will be channelized, and your work will be done effortlessly.

This product will give you comfort and make sure that the condition of your machinery remains intact. It will benefit to prevent the wear and tear of the machinery.

  • Lightweight to manage
  • Travel-friendly
  • Comes in a budget-friendly range
  • Has Zerk attachment head
  • Don’t come with adjustable jaws
  • Components are not repairable

7. Lumax LX-1400

Lumax LX-1400


  • It has an authentic design
  • Comes with a large pressure threshold
  • Comes with steel jaws
  • Protected with zinc to withstand corrosion
  • Compatible with manual and air-powered equipment
  • Comes with a small outside diameter to increase the contact level

If you are interested in buying a grease gun coupler that is a combination of durability and pocket-friendly, then no other product can beat the Lumax LX-1400 grease gun coupler.

This magnanimous product is designed in such a way that you can easily install and remove it without any external infringement. This is a terrific product with steel jaws that adds an extra flair to its features.

It is compatible with manual as well as air-powered equipped grease guns. This will help to prevent leakage and attains maximum longevity.

The most amazing part is that the outside diameter is designed small so that maximum optimality is achieved.

It is coated with zinc material so that the product can easily withstand corrosion.

Moreover, it can also withstand a large amount of pressure to protect the grease gun’s internal architecture. It is one of the most excellent products from Lumax that won’t hamper your budgets or other needs in any way.

  • Comes in an economical package
  • Easily fitted jaws
  • Lightweight to carry
  • Offers large durability
  • Doesn’t provide adjustable jaws




  • Comes with swivel handle
  • Comes with a unique and authentic appearance
  • Comes with a long extension to assist the action
  • Comes with adjustable jaws

AZUNO G8 comes in a unique and auspicious color to distinguish it from other prevailing products in the market. It has steel jaws that are essential to make a firm grip.

This fantastic product comes with an ergonomic handle so that it doesn’t put any sort of pressure on your hands and your task is sufficed effortlessly.

Moreover, the most amazing part is that it comes with a 360 degrees swivel angle. You can use it easily without creating any sort of havoc or mess for yourself.

It is compatible with many types of grease guns and can withstand a large amount of pressure to maintain internal balance.

You should not worry about the wear and tear of the machinery because it has been designed to improve the durability and longevity of the machine.

  • Easy lock and release facility
  • Easy to manage
  • Manage time effectively
  • Enhances the pressure bearing capacity
  • Heavyweight
  • Not very economical
  • Components are not rebuildable

9. Lincoln Lubrication 5883

Lincoln Lubrication 5883


  • Comes with right angle coupler
  • Compatible with most of the guns
  • Compact size to manage
  • Comes with leakage proof facility
  • Simple design to hold and use

Lincoln grease gun coupler is one such amazing product that has been designed by keeping the comfort of users in mind.

It is manufactured in such a way that your hands remain free, and no external efforts are incurred on you.

Although the product has no advanced features to compete with other products globally, it is one of those amazing products that come at a genuine price.

Some of the amazing features of this product make it exceptionally shine amongst others, such as a right-angle coupler, leakage proof.

  • Economical to buy
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Comes with a refundable feature
  • Doesn’t have adjustable jaws
  • Doesn’t support swivel angle

10. LockNLube LNL121

LockNLube LNL121


  • Comes with adaptor
  • Comes with jaw connectors
  • Comes with leak proof ability to assist the tasks

LockNLube is one of the most trusted brands to provide users with the best gun grease coupler. It allows the users to have a fitting of a right angle with this product without any hassle.

You need no technical knowledge to use this product, and an adaptor is enough to establish the fitting connections.

No need to worry about compatibility because it is compatible with all types of jaw couplers. It is a small product that suffices all your necessities.

This terrific product is not so expensive and easy to maintain. You can use it every day at your workshop without any botheration.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Maintainable
  • Traditional design
  • Doesn’t have steel jaws
  • Not reliable for high-pressure holding threshold


Owning a grease gun coupler is one of the most amazing boons that you can ever have. Grease gun couplers help in avoiding the mess that you can encounter due to filing the grease.

There are several chances that many greases are not used by the machinery tools and spill away. Taking care of your machinery by using the grease oil coupler is one of the major assets that you can encounter.

It will help to reduce the load suffered by your hands. There are various options of grease gun couplers you can select from. You can buy the one that suits your need.

Need not linger over a single brand to achieve your goal because you can jot down the features you are looking for and selects the optimal choice for you. So, hurry up and grab the best grease gun coupler that is simply awesome.