Best UTV Winch Reviews + Buyers Guide

A winch is a hardware tool that attaches to your vehicle and helps you out of unwanted situations. A winch is a very petty thing that often goes unconsidered while buying car accessories. 

It gives the pulling power when the UTV is stuck or in case there is a need to pull any object. It hardly matters if you’re stuck in the mud, getting branches out of the way, or a moving game even, a winch has become a necessity.

best utv winch

But what is winch exactly used for? I firmly believe that a winch is a very, very important tool, especially if you’re living in a forested area or closer to the poles, i.e., a cold region. It even comes in use during the time thunderstorms and not just when your vehicle is stuck in a rut. 

Are you skeptical because you have no idea what winch to choose and what factors to consider? Don’t worry. We got you! Here we have shortlisted the 10 Best UTV Winch to help you with a clear picture for choosing the right device. 

Best UTV Winch Reviews

1. Superwinch 1145230 Terra 45 – Best UTV Winch Overall

Superwinch 1145230 Terra 45


  • Low amp draw
  • Aluminum hawse
  • Synthetic rope
  • Steel planetary gear
  • 55ft long and 1/4” inch thick

The Superwinch 1145230 is Terra series ATV winch. This hi-end winch has something about it that majorly catches buyers off-guard. It has the potential to serve almost every need of yours. 

With this winch, you can have the utmost confidence while being into deep realms of the woods. This device has the ability to get you out of any rut situation. The Superwinch comes with four-bolt patterns on the plate that makes mounting this universal. 

It uses a synthetic rope preferably used with hawse fairlead. It has a weighing capacity of 4500 lbs, which is tagged on ¼” and 55′ long rope. Now with this length and strength, it allows you to tackle all the precarious situations or lift the unwanted objects out of the way.   

The 1.6 horsepower magnet motor enables quick and safe pulling. Also, the motor is completely sealed off to prevent mud, water, dust, etc., from entering the surface. The well designed UTV winch is a perfect match for forest rescue teams, construction, etc. 

This UTV winch has the ability to pull more weight faster with lower amp drawings than many of its competitors. It comes with a rubber hand functional remote and a 10 ft long cord. Which, in my view, it is insane! 

Hence there is an option available to the users to operate from a distance, which is a lot safer. Along with all of this, it is covered with one year of warranty. Lastly, it can be easily mounted on any ATV, making it one of the best UTV winch out there in the market. 

  • High efficiency
  • Easy to use
  • Ergonomic design
  • Heavyweight friendly
  • Expensive

2. WARN 103250 VR EVO – Best UTV Winch for Durability

WARN 103250 VR EVO


  • 8000 lbs pulling power
  • Two-in-one remote
  • Lower amp draw
  • Relocatable control packs
  • 7-year warranty

The WARN 103250 is a high-end heavy-duty winch that can lift your vehicle out of any situation. Certain factors make this winch stand out. Let’s see what these factors are.

Starting with its weighing capacity, this device holds power to pull objects up to 8000 lbs. It is a 4 X 4 winch. As per WARN engineers, the manufacturers claim it to be one of their finest designs to date. 

In addition to this, a smart device and has a fast line-speed, which adds a lot of brownie points to it. The high-power motor is outstanding, which allows planetary gear to train smoothly and with better pulling ability. 

There is also a 2 in 1 remote that gives you the choice of wired and wireless functioning to give the user ease and convenience of working accordingly. As for what I think, it fulfills all your requirements and is for sure, an exceptional choice. 

The Albright contractors give maximum reliability and are ensures high performance. The control packs can be relocated for low-profile installations. It features an IP68-rated waterproof corrosion safe construction with cast-aluminum tie-plate offering greater strength. 

This winch also has a resilient steel cable that sits well with two-doors jeeps and SUVs for common use. Speaking off its durability, these winches come with very durable mechanical parts and are covered with a limited period of warranty of seven years, which is almost unbelievable considering its competitors. 

In my opinion, it is a little expensive, but the features are totally worth every penny. 

  • Maximum reliability
  • High-power motor
  • Corrosion safe construction
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Little bit expensive

3. Smittybilt GEN 2 XRC – Best Easy to Handle UTV Winch

Smittybilt GEN 2 XRC


  • Pulling capacity – 9500 to 17500
  • 650 CCA battery
  • Sliding ring gear
  • 6.6hp motor
  • 5-year warranty

The Smittybilt XRC gen 2 is another product with a 6.6 horsepower onshore motor to leave you speechless. It is very slightly inclined towards the hi-end side but overall found it to be quite a promising winch. 

It has a pulling capacity of between 9500-17500 lbs of load. It has to be one of the best UTV winches. It is powerful and efficient in a very affordable price range. This is totally a value for money type of product. 

This winch is a little heavier than its previous version, the Smittybilt X20 Gen2 winch; this implies that this winch is easy to handle. There is a three-planetary gear system with an unbelievable gear ratio of 161.28:1. Hence even the hardest job will be in its control and prevent any kind of unnecessary fuss. 

The package comes with all the wiring needed for installation, so you’d not have to worry about wiring and stuff. Obviously, it is better to use supplied wiring to cut any kind of mishaps. However, I would have preferred a non-wired winch, but this one works as well. 

With this model, you get a sliding ring gear clutch along with a remote-control system. Now, this eliminates the manual labor to work with the winch, which is often hard to find at the given price range. 

Also, there is no automatic in-drum brake, which I personally think is a great upgrade, because you know, there are fewer chances of any malfunctions. The dimensions are 22.3 X 5.4 X 9.4 inches. It has both steel cable and synthetic rope versions. 

  • Good loading capacity
  • Comes with the required wiring
  • 28:1 gear ratio
  • Long warranty coverage
  • 500 AMP solenoid
  • No remote control

4. ORCISH 12V 4500lb – Best UTV Winch Under Budget

ORCISH 12V 4500lb


  • Works with ATVs, UTVs, cars, boats, trucks, etc.
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Steel gears
  • 1.4 hp motor
  • 1-year warranty

I think this is one of the Best UTV winch available under $150. The Orcish 12V 4500 lbs is a great choice for a low-end winch. There are a lot of useful factors in this product that makes it stand out. All the boats, cars, jeeps, trucks that fall under the range of loading capacity can be effortlessly towed. 

The pulling capacity of this winch is 4500 lbs, as mentioned in the name itself, but I feel it works best with objects 3000lbs or under it. It has been mostly in talk because of its inductive braking system that reduces heat for long-lasting performance. 

In addition to this, it also has a 3-stage planetary gear system, which allows better control of the winch. This model has a synthetic winch. I personally feel synthetic winches are much more convenient than steel cables. Anyway, the choice is totally yours. 

Steel cables are equally efficient concerning their working and their quality. It comes with a 45’ cable that goes a long way with a high-quality fairlead. 

There is no complaint regarding the working of the cable as such; it works pretty fine with no tangling during its operation. However, the steel cable version is comparatively heavier than the synthetic version. It has a 1.4 hp motor that has a low amp, and the planetary gears and hardware are made of stainless steel. 

Rest in my view, this a worth investing winch. At an affordable price, it gives a lot of features that are not usually found in a similar price circle. 

  • Compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Low amp
  • Efficient motor
  • Lacks a dashboard switch

5. Champion 14560 4500-lb – Best 4500 lb UTV Winch

Champion 14560


  • 4500 lbs pulling capacity
  • Rocker handlebar switch
  • 1.6 hp motor
  • 2-year limited warranty

As evident from its name, this winch has a capacity of 4500 pounds, so any object under 4500 lbs can be towed with this device. I feel 4500 lbs is a very good pulling power at the given price range. 

But I’ll again say that for optimum utilization of this winch, it is better to use with objects near or equal to the weight of 3000 lbs. This limited weight ensures the effective and efficient production of the winch. 

The heavy-duty 38 ft long steel line has a long endurance capacity, although I think longer than 50 ft would have made this winch handier. Along with that, it comes with a wireless remote control too. 

Unlike its competitors, there’s a mounting rocker switch that ensures a quick recovery process. The rocker switch is the unique selling point of this product as it is absent among most of the winches under $200. 

Nonetheless, the remote control is not that great concerning quality and its functioning as this device responds a little late to the commands of pushing forward or reverse. However, the rocker switch is great and stands out on all the expectations. 

Just like the Orcish one, this winch has a three-stage planetary gear system. There’s a dynamic brake system and also a free spooling clutch that allows you to take full charge of the winching process.  

Lastly, I think this an all application type of powerful yet lightweight winch that has the ability to pull your UTVs beautifully.  

  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Low-maintenance
  • Remote control is below expectations

6. Extreme Max 5600.3075 – Best 3500 lb UTV Winch

Extreme Max 5600.3075


  • 3600lb of footprint
  • Dynamic braking system
  • 3-stage planetary gearbox
  • Water-resistant

The Extreme Max UTV winch is another affordable winch in the market with features that are enough to include it in this list. It is lightweight and powerful, exactly what you’d what in an in-budget type of tool. 

It has a pulling capacity of 3600 lbs, which is not a lot but works for most of the buyers. The power of this device can’t go unnoticed and is also unexpected of a tool that is so compactly packed. 

This winch has the ability to take up the role in almost every tough situation. It has similar features to some of the best utv winches in the market. Talking of that, the bear claw winch is extraordinarily good and is outstandingly strong. 

It comes with a 45′ steel cable although, the synthetic cables are more convenient to work. There’s also a roller fairlead in the package and snatch block along with necessary mounting hardware. 

It has a footprint of 3600 lb with a low amperage, high efficiency, and less noise. Here this factor becomes its unique selling point for obvious reasons. Rest there’s also a battery cable along with motor cable and connectors in the package. 

  • Easy to use
  • Cheap
  • Durable
  • Quiet
  • Somewhat heavy
  • Low pulling capacity

7. FIERYRED 12V 4500LBS – Best Waterproof UTV Winch



  • 25 m strong steel wire rope
  • 1.9 HP motor
  • Gear reduction ratio of 153:1
  • 1-year warranty

Next up in the list we have is this Fieryred winch. It’s a 12V winch with a pulling capacity of 4500lbs, as the name suggests. It’s cheap and has a low capacity to pull objects, but it does that beautifully. 

It can very easily pull your ATVs and UTVs and is totally worth the purchase. It is faster than most of its competitors, and it is equally powerful for the winch. In the package there comes a steel cable which is almost ten times stronger than the traditional ones. However, the cable is not very long, with a working length of just 15 meters. 

Speaking off its body, it’s quite aesthetically pleasing with a matte corrosion-resistant black body, which looks superb. The motor of this winch has the power of 1.9 hp. It’s a permanent magnet motor that has the ability to generate a good amount of power, and the gearbox has three stages as well to ensure smooth pulling.  

The waterproof body enables it to be used in both extreme and moderate weather conditions. It has an IP68 waterproof rating, for that matter of fact. Apart from that, there are two wireless remote controls included in the package with a range of 25 meters. There’s a wired remote control in the package as well. 

  • Best for low weight vehicles
  • Powerful and reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Remote control is not waterproof
  • Cable length too short

8. ZESUPER 12V 13000-lb – Best UTV Winch for Automatic Brake

ZESUPER 12V 13000-lb


  • Heavy-duty sealed contactor
  • Fast circuit speed
  • Waterproof and sandproof
  • 22 feet per minute

The Zesuper has a capacity of 13000 lbs, which is most out of all the winches on this list. This winch is expensive though, but if you’re ready to spend some good fortune in exchange for a great performance, I think this is the one for you. 

It has a motor of 6.4 horsepower, which is very, very powerful. This winch has the ability to get your work done in no time effortlessly. In the package, you get both wireless handheld as well as a wired remote control. This allows you to operate the winch as per your choice and convenience. 

In addition to that, there’s a free spooling clutch and also a triple planetary gear system. One of the great features is that there is also an automatic load-holding brake, which will ensure the highest level of safety makes sure that the winching process is under your control. Moreover, the heavy-duty sealed contactor and four ways roller fairlead ensure durability to a different level. 

  • IP67 waterproof winch
  • Massive load capacity
  • Both wired and wireless control
  • Excellent performance
  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • Noisy

9. ZEAK 12V DC 3500 lb – Best Synthetic Rope UTV Winch

ZEAK 12V DC 3500 lb


  • Wireless remote
  • Heavy duty fairlead
  • Dynamic brake
  • 4-way roller fairlead

This is the cheapest winch on this list. If you are looking for a less powerful winch for your UTVs, the Zeak 12V DC is the one for you. You don’t get a winch with better features under $100. 

This winch is 50 ft long and 1/4” thick synthetic rope. There’s also a hawse fairlead in the package to make the towing process smooth and easy. Along with that, just like other winches above, even this winch features a triple planetary gear. 

Just under $100, you also get a free spooling clutch and along with a dynamic brake system. This allows you to control the winching process without any kind of malfunctions. 

 It has a towing capacity of 3500 lb with considerably low amperage and high time efficiency and a 1.1 hp permanent magnet motor. In my opinion, the motor is not very powerful but anyway you get a lot of additional features difficult to find in the given range. You also get a 12.5 ft corded remote for operation. 

  • Cheapest
  • Dynamic brake
  • 50ft long synthetic rope
  • Good pulling capacity
  • Not a very powerful motor
  • Noisy
  • Not fit for heavy lifting

10. RUGCEL Winch 5000 lb – Best Value for Money UTV Winch

RUGCEL Winch 5000 lb


  • Synthetic rope
  • Made of premium material
  • Cable hook stopper
  • Corrosion and moisture resistant

In my opinion, the Rugcel winch is the best UTV winch under $200. It’s a perfect value for money type of product with lots of amazing features. As the name says, it has a pulling capacity of 5000 lbs, which is insane at this range. 

It has a 12V 1.5 HP wound motor, which is not very strong but works fine with lightweight vehicles. Along with this, even this winch has a free spooling clutch and three-stage planetary gear system.

The synthetic rope is 50ft long and ¼” thick, made of premium material, and is crush and abrasion-resistant. It is not corrosion resistant as such, but you can always add oil for friction and anti-rust for extra long life.    

With the help of the synthetic rope, the hawse fairlead ensures a safe and smooth pull. There is also a cable hook stopper that keeps the motor and gears from pulling the cable from pulling far into the bottom out on the rollers.

In total, this winch gives you a true hassle-free working experience.

  • Reliable
  • Easy to install
  • Great pulling capacity
  • Not a very powerful motor
  • Not a very long rope


It is quite clear that selecting the correct winch is not at all an easy task. With so many options and so many features, it often leaves you confused as to what to consider and what not to. Having said that, there are certain factors that are very important to be kept in mind for grabbing the correct tool. 

Firstly, a motor with considerable hp is very important for any UTV/ATV winch. Next up is UTV specs; not every model works with every UTV. One must measure the specs of their machine and then compare it to their desired winch.

Thirdly, the pulling capacity of a winch is very, very crucial. A winch must have enough capacity to tow your vehicle; multiply the maximum weight of your UTV by 1.5, and that is exactly the capacity you’d need. 

Out of all these options, in my opinion, the title for best UTV winch goes to Superwinch 1145230 Terra 45. Purely for its towing capacity and its horsepower.

The Rugcel winch 5000 lb is the best UTV winch in the value for money category. This tool has the ability to serve all your purposes without fail; just the motor needs little improvement except that it’s a great product.

In the cheapest category, the Extreme Max and Zeak 12V DC are two viable options to go for. These winches can serve you to the max if you’re looking for a less powerful tool. The Fieryred and Superwinch winches too, deserve honorable mention purely for the distinctive features in the given range. 

Rest I hope that you must’ve figured out what type of winch you need. The intention behind this article is pure to guide you through buying the best UTV winch within your desired price circle as well as other factors.