IRWIN VISE-GRIP 27ZR Locking Chain Wrench/Clamp Review

IRWIN VISE-GRIP 27ZR Locking Chain Wrench/Clamp



  • Holds and locks around irregularly shape and size
  • Turn screw for adjusting the fit
  • Build from durable steel alloy
  • Trigger release design


Irwin produces vise grips of the finest quality, and it is an undisputed fact. The locking clamps of Irwin allows quick lock and release with swift movements.

The lever of the vise grip of this producer minimizes the person’s efforts and maximizes the clamp’s efficiency.

Furthermore, it ensures a wide jaw opening, which paves the way for clamping most irregularly shaped objects. Most chain clamps are restricted by the size of the objects that are being clamped.

However, the Irwin Vice-grip is constructed with solid heavy material, and thus, most things can be clamped using this integrated system.

When contrasted with a few of the best vise-grips out there in the market, you would find Irwin vise-grip to be on every best list.

IRWIN VISE-GRIP 27ZR Locking Chain Wrench/Clamp Review

This unit is perfect for clamping the most oddly shaped objects together. The wide jaw of the unit allows the clamping of an object with a circumference of up to 18 inches.

One of the reasons for its undaunted construction is the exterior that is not affected due to the super durable alloy steel that doesn’t get rusted or corroded.

It is nearly unaffected by the metal cancer, rust, and you can enjoy the vise-grip’s long service if it is kept under good conditions.

You do not need to use it regularly, but keeping it under favorable conditions is advisable.

The vice-grip’s trigger is easy to push, and no special strength needs to be summoned for the purpose.

The turn screw could be easily adjusted in order to fit the object under observation; no special set of skills requires for this.

After a few times of using it, you will become accustomed to it, and it won’t seem like work after a while.

This chain clamp is 9 inches long and can be further extended to 18 inches. You could get the extensions easily from any hardware retail store or even buy it online.

There is no hassle involved in holding and locking it, and you would find the operation enormously easy right from the very beginning.


Granted, there are other equally decent vice-grips in the market, but if you want to get your hands on something that just gets the work done with minimal effort, Irwin is your ideal thing, and there is no disputing that. If you have used any other vice-grip before, the transition may be sudden.

However, after a few uses, you will be much comfortable using this unit and making this your go-to man.

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