Central Tools 3M230 Digital Brake Rotor Micrometer Review

Central Tools 3M230 Digital Brake Rotor Micrometer

Central Tools 3M230

Central Tools 3M230 Digital Brake Rotor Micrometer Review


  • Measuring range between .300” to 1.300”
  • Plastic protection
  • Padded case
  • Product dimensions: 6.5 x 1.8 x 11.9 inches Only


An ideal micrometer allows you to take measurements of machining components accurately. While hunting for the quintessential micrometer for yourself, you need to think about a few factors that determine the micrometer’s overall performance.

Predominantly, such factors include cost, features, specifications, application, durability, etc. Any micrometer that excels in at least 4 of the five factors mentioned can be considered a perfect choice. Central tools inc has established itself as a successful manufacturer of precise measuring tools. They specialize in the production of micrometers.

In fact, micrometers were the very first products of the Central tools. Now, even after a century of its establishment, they are still a corporate giant when it comes to measuring tools, and their products are still very much competitive in the modern market of tools.

The 3M230 Digital Micrometer of the Central tool illustrates the excellence of their production. It has all the good elements that make up for an ideal micrometer, and the reasonable price of the tool makes the deal all the more appealing.

Central Tools 3M230 Digital Brake Rotor Micrometer Review

With a wide range of .300” to 1.300”, you can measure virtually anything with this tool with utmost precision. Since its the accuracy that Central tools Inc. prides itself in, this micrometer gives you the most accurate measurements, as is promised by the company.

it is easy to use, and even a novice can get accustomed to its operation after using it five or six times. You do not have to calibrate the instrument time and time again, and an occasional adjustment would be just fine.

This is one of the reasons why this digital micrometer stands out from its competitors. This instrument is not high-maintenance and does not require any special treatment, yet the product’s durability exceeds the buyers’ expectations.

The only shelter it requires is the plastic box it comes in. The components do not get corroded quickly, and it will be a long time before you call it quits with the 3M230. Furthermore, I have particularly found its compactness fascinating.


The compactness and lightweight will help you immensely in holding and operating the 3M230. You can go on about using it even for a long duration without overworking yourself.