Sharpe Finex FX300 HVLP Spray Gun Review

Sharpe Finex FX300 HVLP Spray Gun

Sharpe Finex FX300

Sharpe Finex FX300 HVLP Spray Gun Review


  • Exquisite finishing
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Great texture
  • Multiple nozzles ranging from 1.0 to 1.8


Automotive spray guns are highly versatile instruments, and they give the automotive parts a lovely shine and texture. Moreover, the usage of some spray guns can be applied in coating light industrial components.

An ideal gun needs to be used to achieve the best kind of results from painting using a spray gun. The “ideal” choice may vary from purpose to purpose.

However, if we are strictly speaking of automotive and light industrial components, we have a multitude of spray guns that excel in their job.

Sharpe is one of the best manufacturers of spray guns in the market. It has various exclusive spray gun lines, with RAZOR and Finex being the most prominent ones.

You also have mini spray guns and Non-HVLP guns if you want to go for something less sophisticated and more affordable.

I have found Finex FX300 to be one of the best spray guns manufactured by Sharpe because certain features of this instrument stand out and make it distinguished. One of the prime reasons for my fascination for FX300 is its versatile application.

Sharpe Finex FX300 HVLP Spray Gun Review

FX300 is renowned for its wide and versatile application. This spray gun is one of the most desired instruments out there, whether you work in a professional automation center or if you just want to use it in a personal garage.

Due to it being a high-volume low-pressure gun, the spray gun requires low pressure while the volume of air that is used to aerosolize the paint is high. You can use it for light industrial coating, base coating, repair or paint over a spot, etc.

The gun has been constructed with the finest kind of steel, which is incredibly durable. It is easy to use, and owing to its lightweight, and it does not weigh on you.

It can be easily assembled, and it is equally easy to disassemble it. All you have to do is throw a pair of gloves on your hand and let the spray gun show its magic.

You can learn the spray gun’s ins and outs by reading the user manual that comes with the product.

It is recommended to read the instructions meticulously before you begin using the instrument.


Fenix by Sharpe renders everything that the consumer desires, and if there is one product of Fenix that puts it at the top of the ladder, then that is FX300.

FX300 has been widely in demand because it can be employed for virtually all kinds of light industrial jobs and the results are always exquisite.

Once you familiarise yourself with the basic functionality, you will get the best results each time you use it. I hope you found this article helpful.