Ferret Instruments Heavy Duty Battery Tester Review

Ferret Instruments Heavy Duty Battery Tester

Heavy Duty Battery Tester

Ferret Instruments Heavy Duty Battery Tester Review


  • Tests 6, 12, 24 Volt batteries
  • Amps ripple indicator
  • Load timer & LCD
  • Steel case


Load testing is essential, especially during extreme weather conditions when your vehicle’s batteries could be under tremendous pressure.

Climatic conditions have a major effect on batterie’s performance, and thus, load testing becomes imperative once in a while.

A specialized battery load tester could be used to check the condition of the battery’s entrails, while many people have also devised innovative ways of doing the same.

Nevertheless, using a professional tester will give you reliable results, and it is more efficient this way.

Load testing should be done at regular intervals as you can get a deeper insight into your vehicle’s efficacy. You could also take some corrective measures if need be.

Certain heavy-duty testers can be employed in various circumstances. The battery load tester by Ferret Instruments is one such unit that can test the batteries with voltage ranging from 6 Volt to 24 Volt.

Ferret Instruments Heavy Duty Battery Tester Review

This unit has a user-friendly interface and functionality. It tests the battery loads with Voltages of 6, 12, and 24. It can measure from 100 milliamps to 1200 milliamps, rendering high capacity services.

This wide range makes it superior in quality compared to other battery load testers available in the market.

It can even charge the systems while testing and begin the functionality of the system under observation. It has a comprehensive LCD that displays accurate and reliable readings quickly.

The figures are legible and comprehendible. Once you grasp the user manual, you will find operating the tester abundantly easy, even if you are a beginner.

It has been constructed with superior quality material with a durable steel case that has a baked powder finish.

The rollers at the bottom of the unit facilitate mobility.


While the load is underway, the load timer light incorporated in the system beeps after every second. It makes a beep sound after 15 seconds.

If kept under good conditions and treated well. The unit can render long years of service without much trouble.

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