Innova 3110/3100j Car Code Reader Review

Innova 3110/3100j Car Code Reader

Innova 3110

Innova 3110/3100j Car Code Reader Review


  • Reads and erases check engine light codes
  • Frequent updates about the condition of the vehicle
  • Freeze frame
  • Emissions readiness
  • Reads ABS and SRS codes in most OBD2 vehicles


Car code readers are essential diagnostic tools as it facilitates in scanning and detecting any mechanical issue occurring in your car. A car code reader’s central role revolves around reporting mechanical malfunctions that can prompt the check engine light.

A check engine light is an indicator that lets the driver know that some malfunction needs to be rectified immediately.

Check engine light is your cue to take the vehicle to a mechanic and get the problem fixed before it spirals out of hand. Car code readers sense the malfunction and immediately get down to sending trouble codes.

The system works on its course to let the driver know of the same. Various factors determine the efficacy of an ideal car code reader.

Considering all the factors that make up for a perfect unit, the Innova 3110/3100j seems to have left quite a mark in its users’ minds, for it renders the most efficient services.

Since car code reading is a time-sensitive task, the code reader needs to be quick to detect and disseminate malfunction.

Innova 3110/3100j excels in both of these tasks. But what makes Innova 3110/3100j stand out from its competitors?

Innova 3110/3100j Car Code Reader Review

You can easily know that there is a mechanical fault in your car when the check engine light flashes. But figuring out what caused it to pop on is tricky.

Since the light itself does not give any explanation of its sudden liveliness, car code readers come in handy in scanning and locating the region of failure.

Innova 3110/3100j facilitates quick detection so you could take the corrective measures almost immediately.

If the code reader is not quick enough, a petty mechanical failure could turn into something severe.

The 3110/3100j has the ability to read the ABS and SRS trouble codes. This feature is especially prevalent in OBD2 vehicles.

The scanner conducts frequent battery tests to keep track of its performance and alert signals if any fault is detected in the vehicle’s charging system.

The device gives you virtually all the information about your vehicle’s entrails and ensures if there is any issue that requires your attention, you are made known about it.

The sheer productivity and efficiency make it a top product. You could easily learn to operate and read the system via the manual that comes with the product. In case you lose the manual, you could also find it on the internet.


Innova 3110/3100j is a perfect choice for anyone who is looking for a long-term investment. Possessing all the key characteristics of an ideal code reader, you could reap the benefits of the device for a long time.

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