Milton S901 Dial Type Tire Gauge Review

Milton S901 Dial Type Tire Gauge

Milton S901

Milton S901 Dial Type Tire Gauge Review


  • Pressure range: 0-15 pounds per square inch
  • Bronze tube
  • Circular dial
  • The pressure is indicated until the release valve is depressed


The type and condition of the road you are driving your vehicle determine the pressure of the tires. Studies have shown that underinflated or overinflated tires have resulted in many road accidents. 

The masses are made known about the tire’s prescribed pressure as per the road types, and tire gauges have helped the people immensely in quickly adjusting the pressure of their vehicle tires.

However, the efficacy of each tire gauge differs from model to model. You have various well-known manufacturers of tire gauges such as Milton, TireTek, and Vondior. We have deduced that the Milton S901 is one of the best tire gauges available in the market at the moment.

Milton S901 Dial Type Tire Gauge review

Milton S901 comes with a classic circular dial system that is being replaced by the digital tire gauge. The circular dial of the S901 is easy to read and the readings are precise and reliable. The tube’s length is 4 inches, which makes it easy to hold regardless of how far the tire is located. 

There is not much of a hassle in handling the instrument and you could see the readings quite easily while taking the measurements. It is lightweight and abundantly portable. You could keep it in the boot of the vehicle or even the glove box if need be. 

The strong brass material used to construct the gauge is highly durable. If kept under decent conditions, it wouldn’t rust or the quality won’t deteriorate for a long period. The rubber boot adds to its durability. 


In the package, you get a tested and faultless gauge. The range of tire pressure falls into its jurisdiction is from 0 to 15 pounds per square inch. So you can use this gauge for several tyre types.