Chicago Pneumatic CP7255CVE Orbital Palm Sander Review

Chicago Pneumatic CP7255CVE Orbital Palm Sander

Chicago Pneumatic CP7255CVE

Chicago Pneumatic CP7255CVE Orbital Palm Sander Review


  • 120-degree angle head
  • Square handle
  • Lock-off throttle
  • Adjustable speed regulator


Die Grinders are excellent for activities such as grinding, polishing, sanding metal, and in some cases, other materials such as plastic and wood. They are heavy duty power pieces of equipment that can be used for shaping metals.

As complicated that the definition might sound, these are highly utilitarian instruments even in a regular household garage. Many people who are even remotely adept in using the power tools would not have a problem is operating a die grinder.

Comprehensive Die Grinders and sanders by Chicago Pneumatic are especially suitable for most kinds of heavy-duty work. Many professional and amateur power tool users have found solace in the grinders of Chicago Pneumatic owing to its simple operation and excellent output.

Their CP863 Die Grinder is especially a model in high demand, and the versatility of the instrument will make it an ideal addition to your tool kit. What makes this model good?

Chicago Pneumatic CP7255CVE Orbital Palm Sander Review

CP863 is a 120-degree angle grinder and is a major upgrade to the previous models of die grinders by C.P. This flexibility rendered by the tool enables you to work on things that are located in confined spaces and places that would have been otherwise unreachable.

The operation of the power tool is safe and easy as long as certain measures are undertaken. There is a lock-off throttle incorporated with the instrument, which eliminates the instrument’s possibility of getting turned on automatically. It maximizes productivity and control.

It can be implemented in various activities such as molding, grinding, blending, porting, relieving engines, smoothing, and deburring in confined spaces without giving you much trouble.

The handheld grip around the instrument is excellent, and due to the square handle design, the hands feel comfortable around the handle even after continuous use for a long duration.

The speed could be easily adjusted via the regulator, the operation of the regulator can be comprehended from the user manual.

Certain safety measures need to be undertaken before using this die grinder, which essentially requires you to wear Personal Protective Equipment if you do not wish to invite an occupational hazard. The PPE in die grinder are as follows:

  • Specialised safety glasses
  • Eye and face protection equipment 
  • Hearing protection equipment 
  • Skin protection equipment 
  • Other protection may include equipment to protect the respiratory and alimentary canals especially if the user has dust allergy or any such allergies. 


Chicago Pneumatic is a widely renowned name on the stage of power tools, and naturally, they have had their fair share of fans. They manufacture power efficient tools at a reasonable cost that are also abundantly durable if treated well.

CP863 is an upgrade over its predecessors, and there have been massive improvements in various functional areas of the die grinder.

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