SPX OTC 3397 Fuel Injection Pulse Tester Review

SPX OTC 3397 Fuel Injection Pulse Tester

SPX OTC 3397

SPX OTC 3397 Fuel Injection Pulse Tester Review


  • Throttle body injection adapter
  • Testing of fuel injector coil windings
  • Detection and dissemination of fuel injector coil faults
  • Compatible with the throttle body and multiport fuel injectors


If you own a vehicle, the regular testing of fuel injection and fuel pressure is imminent.

Most times, the vehicle stops functioning or undergoes malfunction even though the battery works fine.

This is because the vehicle has some fuel issues. How can we know if there is a problem with the fuel? Or how to check the cylinder balance of the car under observation?

We have various distinct automotive testers that test different aspects of a vehicle. We have a battery tester that keeps a check on the car’s battery.

Then there is the ignition tester that ensures the proper functioning of the ignition.

We also have a fuel injection tester that checks the cylinder balance and fuel efficiency.

Each unit has some distinguished features; however, all can perform the general role quite well.

Sunpro has come up with some of the best automotive testers that excel in their jobs.

The manufacturer has made a good name when it comes to fuel injection tester as well.

The SPX 3397 by the company was well-received by professionals and amateur automobile enthusiasts, particularly owing to the unit’s reliability.

SPX OTC 3397 Fuel Injection Pulse Tester Review

The most important aspect of fuel injection testing is the reliability and accuracy of the unit. An inaccurate unit is futile because only precise figures can come in handy.

Sunpro prides itself on manufacturing the SPX 3397 because it is as accurate as it can get while checking and balancing the fuel injectors.

It allows you to check the cylinder balance of the vehicle. The versatility of the unit paves the way for individual injectors as well as multiple injectors.

It comes with the throttle injection adaptor and thus is compatible with both the throttle body and multiport fuel injectors.

Moreover, it can conveniently test the fuel injector coil winding under the load. It can test, pick out any fuel injector coil fault or failure, and let you know about the same in no time.

The user can also adjust the current output of the unit.


The testing of fuel injectors can be done in a lot of ways. Most prominently, people have been using the TBI injectors, the EFI injectors, and a dead injector’s testing.

This OTC 3397 fuel injection tester bests them all and gives you quick and most productive results.

The information on functionality and operation can gather from the manual that illustrates each aspect of the injector.

For visual references, you can find innumerable videos on the tester usage that will aid you immensely. I hope you found this article helpful.

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