Robinair 43678B Dial-A-Charge Refrigerant Gauge Set Review

Robinair 43678B Dial-A-Charge Refrigerant Gauge Set

Robinair 43678B

Robinair 43678B Dial-A-Charge Refrigerant Gauge Set Review


  • Dial system of measurement and reading
  • Auto-adjust as per the ambient conditions
  • Built-in heater
  • Quick reading and display of observations


A gauge set can be the utmost useful for measuring and reading the pressure of liquids and gases in your air-conditioner’s cooling system and for measuring the vacuum pressure.

The utility of gauges is determined by the number of ports installed in the system because manifold gauges offer wide scope with the existence of multiple ports.

You can take various readings at the same time with multiple ports. The gauge can conduct a thorough diagnosis of the system and also render corrective measures if need be.

While the professional gauges may be more advanced and intricate, various home gauges have also been popularised amongst a wide array of people.

These gauges can help in the removal of impurities and contaminations in your air-conditioning system.

Robinair is famed for manufacturing professional gauges of technicians as well as home gauges for personal use.

They also manufacture quality products that will meet all your basic needs. The 43678B R-12 Model is an analog gauge with a circular dial.

Robinair 43678B Dial-A-Charge Refrigerant Gauge Set Review

This system conducts the diagnosis and facilitates the charging of the air-conditioning system. Most notably, the gauge can take the readings of the relevant pressures of the cooling systems and deliver the observation through the means of the dial.

The dial is easy to read, and if you are unfamiliar with the dial system, you could refer to the manual for necessary information.

It conducts fast and thorough tests and performs with the utmost efficiency. It has been a wide demand in the consumers’ market owing to its pocket-friendly price.

It is highly affordable, and if you have reservations about getting a gauge, this Robinair production is a perfect beginners’ item.

It does not weigh in your pockets and, at the same time, delivers efficacious performance. It saves both time and money.

There is no hassle of constant adjustment as it adjusts itself to the room temperatures and renders the results accordingly.

Robinair 43678B is very easy to use, and the device is also durable, as long as it is being kept under decent conditions.


Though Analog gauges are considered to be “obsolete” due to digital gauges introduction, the analog renders more effective performance than the digital in all aspects.

When the reliability of the two is considered, the analog beats the digital by a mile. Thus, if you want to for something productive and at the same time highly durable that will give you its service for a long time, then this Robinair production is your stop.