Shake N Break Air Impact Screw Remover Review

Shake N Break Air Impact Screw Remover

Shake N Break TH28000

Shake N Break Air Impact Screw Remover Review


  • Loosens rusted and corroded screws
  • Constructed from durable material
  • Highly affordable
  • Air hammer


Rusty and corroded screws are hard to remove while they are also completely futile. It can also easily remove broken screws and make the replacement easy.

However, not all kinds of screw removers are efficient, and certain factors need to be considered. In the case of the screw remover, the construction of the instrument plays a significant role.

Steel removers are primarily preferred over anything else. The quality of the steel used to construct the instrument is also a thing to think over.

The second thing to consider is the strength of the remover. Some removers are fragile and may even break during the removal process.

This is especially relevant when hard and rusted screws are being removed.

Most screw remover loosens the screws at best. It has to be removed manually. Shake n Brake screw drivers essentially loosen the screw.

Since the legit removal does not occur, it does not cost as much as the traditional remover.

So, the instrument does not cost much and can be purchased by common people for regular household purposes.

Shake N Break Air Impact Screw Remover Review

This instrument can shake the foundations of the most strong-held and corroded of the screws with ease.

Rusty screws are tough pickles to beat. They require the strength of strong steel to get through them.

The Shake n Brake comes with a one-stop solution to your problems as it can loosen the hold of mostly all kinds of screws.

The basic structure consists of the main body having an air hammer attached to it, which you will essentially use to command the remover.

The air hammer’s muscle pressure will send tremors around the screw and shake its foundation to loosen it.

The screw may require more muscle pressure from the user’s side if the holder of the screw is abundantly strong.

Nonetheless, it will have a huge effect on the hold, and the grip will be loosened to allow you to remove the screw conveniently.

The object’s versatility allows it to be implemented in various sectors such as wheel openings, headlight doors, taillight lens, seatbelt bolts, floor pans, striker pins, etc.


Screw remover can be effective only when the right kind of implement has been purchased.

The final goal is to get the screw out, and even though most removers claim to be “removers”, at most, they loosen the light gripped screws.

Although this instrument does not necessarily remove the screws, it certainly shakes the screw at the bottom and loosens them enormously.

Since the complete removers cost considerably more, if you want to go for the next best option, this is your product.