Tiger Tool U Joint Pullers Review

Tiger Tool U Joint Pullers

Tiger Tool 10102

Tiger Tool U Joint Pullers Review


  • Gives ultimate strength for disasembling
  • Eliminates dangerous hammering methods
  • Durable material
  • Works in Extreme Conditions


The Tiger Tool store provides all sorts of tools that you might need to get through life.

One of the key features of their productions is their construction and efficiency.

You wouldn’t be investing in something brittle, but a tool of U Joint Puller 10102 construction that will render its services for a long time.

Tiger Tool U Joint Pullers Review

While you may find many renowned manufacturers producing some of the best u joint pullers, tiger tool’s 10102 has something special up its sleeve, which makes it stand apart from its competitors.

It can efficiently remove all kinds of Rockwell slack adjuster without making you work for it.

Moreover, the manufacturers undertook the safety measures during the production process; thus, the pulling is very easy.

It can be implemented while using an impact tool with 10 pounds.


Using the U Joint Puller terminates the usage of using dangerous tools and methods such as hammering and cutting torch methods.

Therefore, if you want to go for a productive and safe course of action, 10102 is the best choice.