Wilton Tool Group 21400#745 Mechanics Vise Review

Wilton Tool Group 21400#745 Mechanics Vise

Wilton Tool 745

Wilton Tool Group 21400#745 Mechanics Vise


  • Wide jaw opening
  • Abundantly durable with the iron cast construction and powder coat finish
  • Replaceable top and pipe jaws
  • Easily adjustable


Bench Vise makes up for a great addition when one is down to work on many projects. You could be working on a vehicle’s mechanics or working on some wood.

An ideal Bench vise would significantly make working on the project, considering that you have a perfect unit.

Wilton can be considered a veteran of this game, reigning ever since 1940 and still going strong.

It has consolidated its position as one of the best manufacturers of Bench Vise, and I have been a sucker for its productions because of the great efficacy it offers in a garage.

And I don’t mean a professional garage where you have experts working on the mechanics of various things. It is equally efficacious in the back garage of a regular household.

The instrument will prove to be utilitarian regardless of the job at hand. The Wilton 21400 comprises of everything that is great about a Bench Vise.

Wilton Tool Group 21400#745 Mechanics Vise Review

The versatility of 21400 allows it to be used in professional as well as amateur garages, and the output would be equally rewarding.

The instrument’s durability is unmatched due to the material of construction, which mainly consists of heavy-duty cast iron, providing strong services for years at a go.

The vise’s steel jaws will make way for the throat depth of 3-3/4 inches, and thus, it can be implemented in working on various projects.

The powder coat finish of the unit contributes to its durability and gives a heavy look.

Moreover, you wouldn’t need to grease the exterior time and time again. The instrument’s construction will remain the same even a few years down the line, which cannot be said for every other vise in the market.

There are 4 points from where the bench could be mounted, and these are located at the base of the vise.

Though the unit needs some lubrication after some months of use as maintenance, it is abundantly easy to make adjustments corresponding to the task.

The unit is held together by the jaws through countersunk screws, which can be removed for maintenance purposes and can also be replaced quite easily. Once you understand the unit’s ins and outs, virtually every part can be adjusted bar the main body.

The screws hold the unit together nicely and securely, so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart.

Nonetheless, make sure to examine the unit as soon as it is unboxed. Some of the parts, including the top and the pipe jaws, are replaceable if the need arises, so it’s not a throw-out sort of unit if some malfunction occurs.


When it comes to a Bench vise, you want to go for something that can be used for various purposes even though you only had a single purpose in mind at the time of purchase.

Because when a bench vise like Wilton is bought, it will serve you for the longest time imaginable as per vise’s standards, and at some point, you would need it for something other than fixing a part of a vehicle.

Considering the price of 21400, the deal seems like a bargain, and take my word when I say you would hardly find anything as productive as the Wilton 21400.